Pennies from Heaven

October 14, 2005
In this toon, pennies have fallen from heaven onto a downtown street. Two guys are dead, one sits on a cafe table. A car has pennies lodged in it as well as some... View Article

Buffalo Roam

October 7, 2005
Two Buffalo graze peacefully in a field until one of them discovers he is roaming. Buffalo is holding a cell phone, caption reads: “I’m roaming!”. Later changed to say “Can you hear me... View Article

Walking the Dog

October 6, 2005
They decided to walk the dog. A baseball pitcher eyes home plate as the catcher signals a ball. Umpire watches over catcher’s shoulders. A yellow dog holds the bat and is ready to... View Article

Four horsemen rode into town

October 6, 2005
Four horsemen rode into town. All wearing suits on the subway. One horse is reading the newspaper. Subway car window is the frame.


October 6, 2005
In the cartoon a tomato vine explains to the tomato Larry that there have been some cutbacks. The vine says to the tomato: “Sorry Larry, we’re letting you go.” Caption reads: “There were... View Article

Yard Sale

October 4, 2005
In this toon an overhead shot of a neighborhood shows the after effects of a successful “Yard Sale”. Sign in yard says “Yard Sale”. Caption reads: “The yard sale went well”.