Holistic Handyman

January 20, 2008
Dan the repair man knew, deep down, all this toaster needed was a hug. caption says “It’s okay fella”, as he hugs the broken toaster.

Falafel House

January 15, 2008
Four A.M. Somewhere in India. Parking lot of the Falafel house at night. One truck and two cars parked out front. Big yellow waffle house sign. A cow smiles for the camera. This... View Article

Vegetable Medley

January 15, 2008
A talented asparagus opens the show with the theme song from Oklahoma except it is okrahoma.

Free-Range Tofu

January 15, 2008
Three wild tofu hunks bask in the fields free to live their lives in a natural habitat before they are humanely packaged and shipped fresh from the farm.