The Pack

October 31, 2008
My pack of fur knows when we are leaving long before I do. They pulse by my side and wag their intentions. Arguments are wasted on them. Business is no excuse. I remain... View Article


October 29, 2008
If practice makes perfect, how do you get better at the art of practice? Is the art really like some magic glue from tv. Open the tube and the countdown begins. does pliancy... View Article

Snow’s trumpet

October 28, 2008
Can you hear the snow’s quiet trumpet? A silent song serenading eternity. Cold flakes falling in the ballroom of winter. Gravity tickles loose their gentle curtsy. Witness wet chastity dressed for her wedding.... View Article

Memory’s Tower

October 27, 2008
Oh memory’s tower, how long overdue is this inspection? Today, I behold thee, my monument to passing. You are my stronghold, my bastion of definition. Without your comfort I fade to oblivion. So... View Article

Oh Jealous Earth

October 26, 2008
Earth: You came back. Oh how i missed you. Sun: I know, I’m sorry it took so long. Earth: Well, did you miss me? I laid in darkness for hours thinking about you. Sun:... View Article

Memphis Multiplicity

October 25, 2008
She was addicted to life’s flower. At the intervention he wore a tie. She never said a word from the gallow. And they never gave her the reason why. Her’s was a red... View Article

Rock of Gibraltar

October 25, 2008
I finally found her. Five hours of copper linking us, the first time in 20 years. She dove through my deep questions like a dolphin smiling. She briefly typed of New York in... View Article

Time’s big mouth

October 24, 2008
Time has a big gaping mouth. You can see it’s molars. Those dirty metallic fillings lingering in the shadows. That tongue, always flapping, bumps as big as boulders in a farmer’s field. It... View Article

Defy the Wizard

October 22, 2008
I climbed the mountain on a cloudy day. At the top, an old theme park waited. It was the Land of Oz. The wind tried to stop me from reaching the summit, but... View Article

Soup of the day

October 20, 2008
Today witnessed a celebration for the woolly worm. This brown and black striped critter has long been a predictor for the strength of the coming Winter. It’s pattern of stripes used as binoculars... View Article

The Gathering

October 18, 2008
Deep in the forest of southern Missouri, our entourage dismounted. Rangers in tall hats were loitering. They sniffed us through thick dark glasses. Like hungry wolves they watched as we geared up for... View Article

Life for a box of pizza

October 15, 2008
Life-changing events rarely blink, “check engine.” I was 17. My mission, propel pies through space and time in less than 30 minutes. Music exploded from tiny speakers. Hills bounced up-and-down as I screamed... View Article

Thus spake hibiscus

October 14, 2008
KCMO 1996ish The October sun burst through my window like a proud laser. In my den, my hibiscus waited eagerly, its hand stretched up high and waving. I noticed it missing the sunshine... View Article

A short fuzzy dogma

October 14, 2008
What in tarnation is reincarnation? I always thought it silly, a life preserver some may cling to when the waves are pounding. I never hated the idea mind you; I like things that... View Article

Annie Is

October 13, 2008
KCMO Her name was Annie and I told her I was hungry. She knew exactly what I meant, for she was a feast of being. I lived above her, downtown, in a building... View Article