When grass giggled

November 28, 2008
Simplicity came rolling down the hill yesterday. It plodded happily back to the top through thick mint carpet. In the grass, each footstep’s impression was magically erased. At the summit, he sat a... View Article

Smokey the Bear

November 9, 2008
My last cigarette was September 1, 2008. Since that night, I have noticed a steady rise in my dream intensity. I thought I would share this dream as an example. My house sits... View Article

Liquid Crystal

November 7, 2008
We squeeze bits into our cathode ray tubes. Red, green, and blue transcribed in liquid crystal. Fibers of triumphant information flying at light speed. Did you hear the future’s sound surrounding? Blessed are the geek, for all... View Article

Indian Summer

November 2, 2008
He said it on the radio today. Some phrases carry with them, a bag of profoundity. This was one of those phrases, “Indian Summer”. Like a stone skipping across the water. Winter’s pebble... View Article