April 22, 2009
In this toon a couple is on the street having an argument. The wife is wearing a chadri or burqa or hijab. Husband is facing his wife wagging his finger. Caption reads “Don’t... View Article

Horse’s Ass

April 20, 2009
In this toon a horse sits on his donkey high on a canyon overlooking a river in the desert. Caption reads “He was a real horse’s ass”. Horse is smoking a cigarette and... View Article


April 19, 2009
In this toon a bored saint sits at a desk with an empty inbox staring at the phone and wishing he had something to do. Saint is wearing robes with a goat-tee and... View Article

Deer Diary

April 18, 2009
In this toon a young female deer lays on a bed writing in a diary. Title reads “Deer Diary”. Caption reads “OMG, I’m pregnant”. The scene is her bedroom with a pig in... View Article

Tulip’s Kiss

April 17, 2009
This morning i kissed a tulip. We had been flirting for days. Its face still buried deep in dewy green cheeks. Above me woodpeckers demanded a bounty as distant dove’s cooed their opinion.... View Article

Shark Fishing

April 13, 2009
Sharks have evolved over the years and so has there hunting skills and techniques. Shark under water lures a meal with a hotdog on a spear. A guy in a raft leans over... View Article