Salad Bar

March 28, 2014
A carrot has crashed into a salad bar. Caption reads “so this carrot walks into a salad bar”

Bear Hands

March 26, 2014
Jeff sits in an easy chair in front of a fire. Two book shelves are poorly nailed to the wall. Jeff has the hands of a bear. Caption reads, “Jeff built those shelves... View Article


March 25, 2014
Embrace your burning ashes. Fall hard. Crash and smash into the earth. Become a messy smoking heap. Then watch and listen. The drum of your rebirth. Your spine is the antenna. Tune in to yourself. Hear... View Article


March 21, 2014
my sweet bride passion’s fruit thru teeth & lips life’s juice drips in this mind upon our body we are lovegasmic


March 21, 2014
Release your tongue and stand behind your skull. See the pilots in your head? Look how busy they be. Frantic fingers mashing buttons. Who? Who? Ha! Ha! Chuckle at the chimpanzee buckled in your brain. Rabid tooth marks adorn... View Article

Sand & Water

March 2, 2014
My crannies giggle. You fill in all my places. Willets jab deeply tenderizing my skin. Your silky cloak spills over-and-over. Silver dolphins tickle you home. Give me your foamy bubbles. I am your only... View Article


March 1, 2014
Bartender and patron at bar. Caption reads “What’d you lose in the divorce.”