Zog Go Clubbing

March 14, 2016
Three prehistoric cavemen wait in line at the entrance of a cave with a velvet rope line. Lead caveman is carrying a club. Caption reads “It Friday … Zog go clubbing.”

James True

March 13, 2016
Hi. I have produced solutions for Autodesk, Cisco, EMC, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, VMWare, and The Weather Channel. I bring enthusiasm and experience to my projects and know how to utilize technology with... View Article

The Mothership

March 12, 2016
The Mothership left our station doors on Aug 9th 2015 and traveled to Somerset, Wisconsin and stood for the first time in the Meadow at Summerset Music Fest with the sounds of Nahko,... View Article


March 12, 2016
Augmented Reality Programmer 2017 Mobile World Congress Augmented Reality Programmer 2016 VMWorld Las Vegas Sculptor 2016 Envision Festival : Juried Commissioned Artist iOS Programmer 2016 Vizikit : Presentation Software Sculptor 2015 Electric Forest... View Article


March 2, 2016
ActionScript Apache AS3 C++ C# CMS CSS DataMining English Flash HTML5 Human iOS JavaScript jQuery Linux MaxScript MEL MySQL ObjC OpenGL PovRay PERL PHP Python SMS Torque Unity VRML WebGL WebSockets WordPress Unity... View Article


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