I am trapped inside a triangle. My kind words keep bouncing off your elegant skin. Affections dissolve over a boiling heat. You are dangerous and I am cobblestone. Dig in your heels if that’s all I can get. I have been locked inside this craving for touch. Because a touch would be something. Something is so much less than what it used to be. And so much more than would end me.

I helped you draw this mad squiggly line. Now i walk this tightrope between loyal and foolish. I made you six dragons because I was missing those steep fangs. The silky arson from your lips. I lay lamenting the times you were sweet. When we believed in us.

So many sunsets, me and your voicemail. My charming dragon. Your grace, reptilian. Your teeth, perfect. Your eyes, deadly. Cast me a spell from your glittering tongue. You will always be so very pretty.

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