If practice makes perfect, how do you get better at the art of practice? Is the art really like some magic glue from tv. Open the tube and the countdown begins. does pliancy run home sobbing when entropy kicks open the shutters. I still believe some things can be stirred forever. Still I digress, but don’t we all? And isn’t that the point of this morsel? Digression is rampant. In fact, we digress from the second we are born. But here’s a surprise, I never thought love would digress. Oh boy, here he goes again.

Let’s get something straight, i do have that memo. It is hanging on my cork board and nothing sits on top of it. It’s quite clear and it sits at eye level. Yellow legal paper with the carbon blue horizontal lines and the typical three hole-punch. One tall canary stick pin keeps it from moving. In a long-ago dried blue sharpie it says, “You can’t go back”. Sometimes i have to fax it to my office as a reminder. This story is not some desperate attempt to sneak past the guards of time. Those Shultzes of yesterday. I fully embrace this sad little fact, the wheel of Samsara is not a wheel but instead a spiraling ripple. Never the same.

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