Magic Stick

Here’s a magic stick i found powered by imagination. Use it quickly to take over the world, rescue a damsel, or stop evil ninjas. It’s shaped like a seven stretched high to the heavens. It’s the perfect ray gun with a thumb hole for a trigger. There’s a scope if you need it, though your aim is impeccable. Your belt-loop is the holster and you cock it like this. These acorns are smoke bombs and this wood-chip is a walkie-talkie. I’ll be in the kitchen guarding our ship. As you travel through time it’s also a musket. If you turn it backwards, a magic wand is revealed. It’s long enough for a sword and in a pinch, a javelin. Use it for truth, honor, and justice. Remember, don’t cherish the stick, but the dreams that wield it. It’s something you’ll want for the rest of your life.

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  • I will take two of those please. Oh, btw for $29.95 I would also like the adapter that shoots the love bullets.

    Namaste, my brother, from a bucket of fear we find love…

  • your order is being processed. Your tracking number is "1" 🙂

  • Ahh imagination – we should cherish it more. My favorite thing about kids is they show you what's important, a stack of bricks is more than a stack of bricks, it can be a castle if you let it.
    BTW thanks for your comment – your words were wonderful and love the candle. I have now moved beyond regrets and sadness (sort of) to now seeing how I was truly blessed to have that time together.

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