Passion’s Beam

“Where are you?” I ask myself waiting patiently.
Here i am with these plans of adventure.
Toes flex and fidget at the hunch of missing you.
I made us a picnic of apple and round gouda.
We can divvy it up with the knife you showed me crowning in dirt.
Remember that day? I was hot and you were beaming.
We chuckled in the stream as we jumped rock and boulder.
Everywhere we looked I saw your reflection.
I needed you that day. I always need you.
You are my reason to rise from my pillow.
When you leave i collapse and dream of your pictures.
I am your helpless child, your suckling infant.
You show me my shadow and remind me i am seen.
On closing my eyes i can feel your light’s whisper.
My eyelids no match for your mighty embrace.
Burn through this fog that lays thick between us.
Let me bask in your glory and walk in your way.
I know you are there, but wonder if you hear me.
I love you Sun! Please come out and play.

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  • Sounds like fun, after this grey and rainy winter I'm definitely in need of some time with the sun. I think the land is longing for that as well, it feels like we're wading out of a muddy bog, legs heavy with the weight of it clinging to our legs. Play time is coming though – so close now.

  • i love where i live but when the fog comes it comes with a vengeance! Really makes me appreciate the sun. As i write this now, we are figged in again:( But i am sick so it kind of works out:)

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