The Babel Virus

What if we discovered that language was a virus installed by culture? Imagine your mind inoculated. What would our thoughts look like without the clothing of words? Mammals are highly empathic creatures with an elaborate sharing interface. The brain burns most of our precious calories on the interpretation of another. An fMRI shows two brains reacting identically when a subject is exposed to a facial expression. We literally share someone’s live feed by subscribing to each other’s feelings.

A baby boy is born. His emotional software is preinstalled from the factory. He has no language. He has no concept of shape. He knows pain and he knows its absence. Feeding is a built-in function, not a trick learned on page seven. His mind is purely irrational. It is motivated by instinct and intuition. This irrational state is one of pure connection and vulnerability. Imagine the freedom in a mind with no language. Before words, ideas were blurry fishes swimming in the stream of our consciousness. We had no associations and edges. With language installed, our words are like a thousand clear cups jumbled in a river.

Corporatism needs men with words that are predictable and linear. Man serves this system best as a tiny reliable engine. But our deeper intuition is a sail harnessing the power of emotion. Man can be more of a canvas than an engine. This kind of power can only be experienced outside the harbor. Without a destination the mind can justify the ridiculous. When the mind is free of language the concept of rationality can be treated as one of many creative opinions for parsing the world. From this free space we remember that language could be a figment of the imagination. We could be pretending the very concept of objectivity.

We could be pretending the very concept of objectivity.

This spring a startup from the triangle will discover a cure for the babel virus and break the world’s ceiling. The world will not end that day. But the illusion will change as the curtain of language is opened. The new technology is applied like a patch behind both ears. It vibrates into the skull and blocks the language center of the brain. It’s a white noise filter for comprehension. The wearer can still hear sounds, but the words that hold the concept no longer have meaning. Likewise, the words we hear in our head are rendered superfluous. This makes the emotions behind them more clear. We start to see a clear temperament emerge from the verbage. We find an objectivity which liberates the ego. By paralyzing our language center the ego loses its ability to command the body through linear reason. As a result, this new technology renders the brain literally speechless. Our eyes can finally tune into the direct vibration of another life’s emotion. A deeper emotive ego takes over as the mind loses its stilts and falls into the tides of the heart. A new self emerges as a captain of intuition.

There are several side effects to this technology. One of the most profound is the discovery of emotional telepathy. For the first time, we begin to understand each other above the words of our chirping. Our clean minds can listen in the silence. We will discover an inner being of man, a mobile tuning fork of emotion. Conversations evolve into sessions of beholding in the presence of each other. This kind of communion with no language holds no agenda. Unlike the one-lane bridge of talking and listening, emotional telepathy opens an asynchronous connection. We’ve had these abilities all along but our mind was too loud suffering from the babel of language to hear it.

On the surface of our brain, the viral tower of Babel has fallen. Blood rushes in and replenishes our gray tributaries. Our life slips back into the marinade of mortal wet pulsing. The bellows of breath stoking our engine of the senses.

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