The CDC Drowning Virus

April 13, 2018
What happened to CDC employee and Team Lead of Population Health, Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham? His body was found along the muddy banks of the Chattahoochee River, a developed river park in northern... View Article

White Male Identity Crisis

August 16, 2017
The word prejudice is not evil. Prejudice chooses a lane in traffic. It puts on two matching socks and grabs an avocado over a zucchini. Prejudice is our style. The rhythm of our personality. Our prejudice is... View Article

Camp Makery

April 15, 2017
Camp Makery is a campground hosting an immersive learning environment for programming and robotics. Here are some sample courses: Robotics, Drones and 3D Programming Virtual Reality – In this two-day course we’ll turn... View Article

God vs Man

January 7, 2017
Man is a creature who shat out his own tail while walking. The lizard inside him grew it back as a favor. His mind noticed and cut if off again. This kept happening over-and-over. Finally God picked up... View Article

The Babel Virus

December 12, 2016
What if we discovered that language was a virus installed by culture? Imagine your mind inoculated. What would our thoughts look like without the clothing of words? Mammals are highly empathic creatures with an elaborate sharing interface. The... View Article

My First Dogma

December 8, 2016
I have had the pleasure of several indoctrinations in my life. The first one was the time I became a Christian. I was introduced to my own sin and believed the gospel of my own salvation.... View Article


December 4, 2016
A few weeks ago I found myself defending some statements on my perspective as a man. I was defending this position to a woman. I stopped mid-argument and chuckled at the absurdity of... View Article

Blueprint for Mind Control

November 23, 2016
Click on an emotional control method: Religion Race Gender Proclivity Emotional Army I, state your name, now proclaim that I am a [cultural deviant noun]. I was born a [cultural deviant noun]. I... View Article

Emotional Fascism

November 20, 2016
Are you buying the election hate? It’s definitely a buyer’s market. I saw a post-election rally/protest in my hometown that was a cornucopia of fresh organic Love Trump’s Hate. These people were beautiful. I knew these... View Article

Rebel Vampires of Chickamauga

November 12, 2016
I am a recovering racist. Even though I am declaring that here, this fact is ineffable to me. It is akin to the fish being asked about the wateriness of the water. The fish would... View Article

Fork in the Eye

May 20, 2016
‘Fork in the Eye’ is a brand new cutting-edge exotic ultra high-definition holographic wireless immersion technology. It offers users an experience that is truly felt by every one of your senses. It is so real you’ll... View Article

The Swan

September 14, 2015
How softly she bloomed from her chest My senses sipping the possibility The neck of a swan held communion in shoulders Worry perched on the curve of a brow The fidelity of softness dilates my pores... View Article


August 30, 2014
I am trapped inside a triangle. My kind words keep bouncing off your elegant skin. Affections dissolve over a boiling heat. You are dangerous and I am cobblestone. Dig in your heels if that’s all I can get. I have been... View Article


May 17, 2014
AudioBus compatible. Made for musicians looking for a responsive musical instrument with a huge range of sound, Sqeech delivers perfect audio that’s both thick and nimble. It’s an essential arrow in your music... View Article


March 25, 2014
Embrace your burning ashes. Fall hard. Crash and smash into the earth. Become a messy smoking heap. Then watch and listen. The drum of your rebirth. Your spine is the antenna. Tune in to yourself. Hear... View Article


March 21, 2014
my sweet bride passion’s fruit thru teeth & lips life’s juice drips in this mind upon our body we are lovegasmic


March 21, 2014
Release your tongue and stand behind your skull. See the pilots in your head? Look how busy they be. Frantic fingers mashing buttons. Who? Who? Ha! Ha! Chuckle at the chimpanzee buckled in your brain. Rabid tooth marks adorn... View Article

Sand & Water

March 2, 2014
My crannies giggle. You fill in all my places. Willets jab deeply tenderizing my skin. Your silky cloak spills over-and-over. Silver dolphins tickle you home. Give me your foamy bubbles. I am your only... View Article

A Better Man

September 14, 2011
Can a better man say no? Does he empty himself to show affection? Does he bend at every whim? Who drives the better man? A better man knows his lover. A better man... View Article


August 30, 2011
In the closet, under the stairs, in the fridge, on the shelf, in the drawer, was a shiny wax box. In the box was a cake made of yellow covered with frosting and... View Article

As it touches

August 22, 2011
Butterflies blinking on your shoulder. Trout whispers under their crystalline curtain. Love fills this cave as we yearn for the drowning. Our last sorrows gasping. Old selves turned crispy. A delicate, empty cicada. As my fingers make camp in the valley of your... View Article

When knees fall

July 23, 2011
When knees touch the ground, the sacred always listen. Knees never fall in trivia. Always a page folded from our story. A high wrinkle in a silky life. A mountain range worth a... View Article


December 15, 2010
With my hands free. Words drip from a pen. Letters vowel at the moon. I live between these fingers. Where touch is a circuit. The energy of mood. If i were all thumbs.... View Article

The Parade

March 18, 2010
Always the fox reaching for the grape. A box of snapshots from a small town parade. See the smiles perched in the carriage? Under furry blankets, waving at strangers. Let’s hitch our wagon... View Article

The rib’s cage

March 18, 2010
There you pine, jailed in your ribcage. Little plastic army men keeping you at bay. Turnstiles click, at each year’s passing. Shiny chalk pieces marking the days. Fingers grasping a flimsy metal tray... View Article


March 18, 2010
There is this ‘other’ side of things. I repeated to myself intentionally. The second time spoken in the opposite direction. Our shadow shines bright in the other of places. Our frowns turn joyful... View Article

Magic Stick

March 17, 2010
Here’s a magic stick i found powered by imagination. Use it quickly to take over the world, rescue a damsel, or stop evil ninjas. It’s shaped like a seven stretched high to the... View Article

Passion’s Beam

March 14, 2010
“Where are you?” I ask myself waiting patiently. Here i am with these plans of adventure. Toes flex and fidget at the hunch of missing you. I made us a picnic of apple... View Article

The excavation

March 13, 2010
Her dreams were buried deep, below her proud standing. Here she was, in the high of day’s noon. Sweat fell like raindrops from a broken gutter. The desert dust keeping her eyes dry... View Article

She told me frankly

March 7, 2010
She told me frankly that we were nothing special. My youth recalls the feeling as I paced through the streets. Gut-struck by the punch deep and low in the belly. My breath shattered... View Article


January 28, 2010
Gather around me oh blessed creatures i wish to eat you one by one My eyes are the forks i use to pluck you My ears slit your throat and stab in the... View Article

The color of winter

January 12, 2010
Winter touches me. I feel her snow between my fingers. The air of winter is always listening. Its shiny crystals carry our words like some heraldic message. Even the sun can hear the... View Article

How vivid was this confidence

June 16, 2009
How vivid was this confidence that brought you up this mountain. So high we stand together, faces cradled in the wind. Fearless hope keeps your wondrous eyes from peeking. Vaulted more by a... View Article

Up, Up and Away

May 31, 2009
Last night my head leaped from a car window. The wind inflated my cheeks like gills on a fish. My eyeballs turned sticky from the chill in the air. My belly fizzed a... View Article

Clouds crash

May 6, 2009
Yesterday, the clouds were crashing. A twisted tree pointed to the fray, so proud of its discovery. The heaven’s mumbled as what was once fluffy fell to its knees. Swords of thunder ripped... View Article

Tulip’s Kiss

April 17, 2009
This morning i kissed a tulip. We had been flirting for days. Its face still buried deep in dewy green cheeks. Above me woodpeckers demanded a bounty as distant dove’s cooed their opinion.... View Article

Hello Life

February 25, 2009
Hello Life, Do you hear that stomping? My giant was asleep for so many years you forgot his potential. I urge you to make preparations. He is coming for you. One thing is... View Article

skin’s music

February 9, 2009
In this skin i feel my music. In this skin i know my face. It’s not a canary caressing a sonnet. But more like a crow beneath fog’s sweaty cape. My crackling caw... View Article

Forgotten Temple

January 14, 2009
It was a chubby little church on the side of some forgotten state route in Tennessee. Resting behind a chipped fence with no gate. Its only companion was a saddled plastic caterpillar teetering... View Article

Fear’s Harvest

January 11, 2009
I pressed my knuckles deep into my eye sockets and turned my wrists again-and-again. I was trying to scratch my brain. To touch the parts that caused this awful dream. I didn’t know... View Article

Screening Guilt

January 8, 2009
The court of public opinion had finally left the building. Minivans were packed full and heading home. Trashcans waved goodbye, jammed full like vases with fresh daisies. The snow was dumping as I... View Article

When grass giggled

November 28, 2008
Simplicity came rolling down the hill yesterday. It plodded happily back to the top through thick mint carpet. In the grass, each footstep’s impression was magically erased. At the summit, he sat a... View Article

Smokey the Bear

November 9, 2008
My last cigarette was September 1, 2008. Since that night, I have noticed a steady rise in my dream intensity. I thought I would share this dream as an example. My house sits... View Article

Liquid Crystal

November 7, 2008
We squeeze bits into our cathode ray tubes. Red, green, and blue transcribed in liquid crystal. Fibers of triumphant information flying at light speed. Did you hear the future’s sound surrounding? Blessed are the geek, for all... View Article

Indian Summer

November 2, 2008
He said it on the radio today. Some phrases carry with them, a bag of profoundity. This was one of those phrases, “Indian Summer”. Like a stone skipping across the water. Winter’s pebble... View Article

The Pack

October 31, 2008
My pack of fur knows when we are leaving long before I do. They pulse by my side and wag their intentions. Arguments are wasted on them. Business is no excuse. I remain... View Article


October 29, 2008
If practice makes perfect, how do you get better at the art of practice? Is the art really like some magic glue from tv. Open the tube and the countdown begins. does pliancy... View Article

Snow’s trumpet

October 28, 2008
Can you hear the snow’s quiet trumpet? A silent song serenading eternity. Cold flakes falling in the ballroom of winter. Gravity tickles loose their gentle curtsy. Witness wet chastity dressed for her wedding.... View Article

Memory’s Tower

October 27, 2008
Oh memory’s tower, how long overdue is this inspection? Today, I behold thee, my monument to passing. You are my stronghold, my bastion of definition. Without your comfort I fade to oblivion. So... View Article

Oh Jealous Earth

October 26, 2008
Earth: You came back. Oh how i missed you. Sun: I know, I’m sorry it took so long. Earth: Well, did you miss me? I laid in darkness for hours thinking about you. Sun:... View Article

Memphis Multiplicity

October 25, 2008
She was addicted to life’s flower. At the intervention he wore a tie. She never said a word from the gallow. And they never gave her the reason why. Her’s was a red... View Article

Rock of Gibraltar

October 25, 2008
I finally found her. Five hours of copper linking us, the first time in 20 years. She dove through my deep questions like a dolphin smiling. She briefly typed of New York in... View Article

Time’s big mouth

October 24, 2008
Time has a big gaping mouth. You can see it’s molars. Those dirty metallic fillings lingering in the shadows. That tongue, always flapping, bumps as big as boulders in a farmer’s field. It... View Article

Defy the Wizard

October 22, 2008
I climbed the mountain on a cloudy day. At the top, an old theme park waited. It was the Land of Oz. The wind tried to stop me from reaching the summit, but... View Article

Soup of the day

October 20, 2008
Today witnessed a celebration for the woolly worm. This brown and black striped critter has long been a predictor for the strength of the coming Winter. It’s pattern of stripes used as binoculars... View Article

The Gathering

October 18, 2008
Deep in the forest of southern Missouri, our entourage dismounted. Rangers in tall hats were loitering. They sniffed us through thick dark glasses. Like hungry wolves they watched as we geared up for... View Article

Life for a box of pizza

October 15, 2008
Life-changing events rarely blink, “check engine.” I was 17. My mission, propel pies through space and time in less than 30 minutes. Music exploded from tiny speakers. Hills bounced up-and-down as I screamed... View Article

Thus spake hibiscus

October 14, 2008
KCMO 1996ish The October sun burst through my window like a proud laser. In my den, my hibiscus waited eagerly, its hand stretched up high and waving. I noticed it missing the sunshine... View Article

A short fuzzy dogma

October 14, 2008
What in tarnation is reincarnation? I always thought it silly, a life preserver some may cling to when the waves are pounding. I never hated the idea mind you; I like things that... View Article

Annie Is

October 13, 2008
KCMO Her name was Annie and I told her I was hungry. She knew exactly what I meant, for she was a feast of being. I lived above her, downtown, in a building... View Article

The Coffee Shop

January 8, 1995
He was explaining to her what it felt like to be fat. Remembering that time just reminded him of how blessed he was to not be there anymore. A straight jacket of skin... View Article

Chalk & Soda

January 16, 1992
The Register was an old-school bar. Its trappings included heavy leather bar-stools and wood accents stained from decades of fingers and a cigar-smoked patina. Above the tables hung dark copper ceiling tiles made... View Article