The Mothership

March 12, 2016
The Mothership left our station doors on Aug 9th 2015 and traveled to Somerset, Wisconsin and stood for the first time in the Meadow at Summerset Music Fest with the sounds of Nahko,... View Article

LoveBurn Dragonus

January 28, 2016
The 2016 Love Burn in Miami, Florida. This dragon was three sections, all stand alone. Finished piece was 35′ long. Huge love for team dragon: Jon, Ashlee, Wes. Also, massive support from Brittany,... View Article

Hula Dragonus 15

October 31, 2015
The 2015 Suwannee Hulaween Dragon: Hula Dragonus 15. This year’s dragon was fifty feet long with a 16″ diameter and 2,500 bamboo scales. Huge love for team dragon: Jon, Ashlee, Wes, Neilly, Pam,... View Article

Gaia Dragonus 2015

July 7, 2015
Gaia Dragonus is a mound dragon with a spine measuring 112 feet from nose to tail. It was inspired by walks at Moccasin Bend in Chattanooga, Tennessee where a 12,000 year old burial... View Article

Electric Dragonus

June 25, 2015
The 2015 Electric Forest Earth Dragon occupied the heart of Sherwood Forest in Rothbury, MI for a crowd of 40,000+ and the finest String Cheese Incident I’ve seen to date. The Reincarnation Crew... View Article

Bamboo Wind Dragons

January 24, 2015
Main Stage pillars for Hoopla in the Hills 2015 Required for installation: Digable space for post hole digger Power to both posts. Both dragon poles will require a buried post. Each post has... View Article

High Country Tap Room

December 24, 2014
Made the logo and this sign for my friend Lynn’s new beer garden called High Country Tap Room in Sugar Mtn, NC. Way to go, Lynn! The Tap Room opened in 2014 and... View Article

Bamboo Zombie Dragon

September 23, 2014
Appeared at the 2014 Suwanee Hulaween Festival in Live Oak, Florida. The Magic Lives On at Spirit Lake of #HulaweenFL Get to know more about what makes #HulaweenFL so special with the commentaries... View Article

Hoot Haus

March 6, 2010
This Summer I stepped up my efforts at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. We made a ton of improvements since the spring of 2009. This is one of those efforts. It is a 170 square-foot... View Article

Wire Dancer

May 22, 2001
I only have a photo of this prototype.This is┬áhand-twisted wire and the piece measures roughly 30″ in height. I did a couple of these at Metasphere in Asheville, two were life-size. The first... View Article

Stone Tower Fountain

October 21, 1999
A marble drilled stone tower sitting inside a poured half-sphere base. For Page 84 of Lark Books Tabletop Fountains book 1999 Asheville, NC. Marble was reclaimed from Elberton, Georgia. One of the few... View Article

Crete Circle Fountain

October 1, 1999
This stone circle fountain was also featured in Lark Books 1999 book Tabletop Fountains. Fountain was cast in Asheville, North Carolina. Ingredients include refrigerator tubing, vermiculite, portland cement, copper refrigerator flexible pipe, broken... View Article

The Sit-N-Spin

June 11, 1998
Built in Asheville, birthday gifted to Zach from Cynthia. ingredients: industrial wire spool, shopping cart wheels, volkswagen steering wheel column, left over paint. sitnspin, it’s great for grounding, loves to party, and’ll look... View Article