Sqeech – The iPad Synthesizer

May 8, 2014
Made for musicians looking for a responsive musical instrument with a huge range of sound, Sqeech delivers perfect audio that’s both thick and nimble. It’s an essential arrow in your music quiver. This... View Article

Acute Stroke Timer

April 2, 2013
Acute Stroke Timer is a tool designed by and for bedside nurses to aid in meeting the best practice target times for care of stroke patients. Among these recommendations is creating a process... View Article


September 6, 2012
With ViziKit you can import your custom html content and utilize it as a trackable presentation that can be shared and utilized by your business, customers, kiosk, sales force, agency or classroom. ViziKit... View Article

AcciTrack App for iPhone

August 6, 2012
AcciTrack – For those that take clumsy to a whole new level. Use AcciTrack to track your accidents with a safety board just like they have in factories. Register an accident with a... View Article

SkiBeech App for iPhone

December 11, 2009
Cocoa, Objective C, and the iPhone SDK. The wonderful world of programming for Mac (cheerful goosesteps). This is my first iPhone/iTouch application. As i write this entry, it sits in the queue for... View Article


June 1, 2007
ImageBuddy is a Windows tool written in C++ and Perl useful for quick and dirty image manipulation. Use ImageBuddy to batch convert image files from one format to another. You can also apply... View Article


May 24, 2005
PoserSpeak is a 3D speech generator engine written for Poser, a 3D animation program. PoserSpeak works by tapping into the Window’s Text-to-Speech engine and produces a 3D facial morph animation and voice track... View Article

Flash MP3Player

September 9, 2001
The Flash MP3 Player is a web-based streaming mp3player written in perl, javascript, html, and Flash. It features an interactive playlist and it can read most types of mp3 tags. The MP3Player runs... View Article


November 2, 1998
The Webmaster Modules are a complete library designed for advanced content management, display and publishing. The Webmaster Modules acts as a web-based operating system which connects users to their data. The back-end let’s... View Article