Augmented Reality in Barcelona

March 27, 2017
Working with Mahalo I programmed/modeled/animated the augmented reality experience to fit in an airline set we built for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We had nine weeks to complete. It was a fun project... View Article

LOOK, 3rd Edition

June 28, 2016
The Third Edition of LOOK, the canadian textbook written by Adler, Rolls, and Proctor published by Nelson College Indigenous comes out this Summer. They’ve published some of my comics in their 2nd and... View Article

PHP WebSockets

June 6, 2015
I’ve added a PHP WebSockets solution that runs across every page on this site. If server resources are free and you have port 8080 open on your firewall, you will see a bubble... View Article

Excel via Javascript

May 30, 2015
Here’s a self-editable life betterment tracking tool mostly written in javascript. The idea is to track yourself daily via a quick interface. I wanted something that let’s me have shorter interval progress reports... View Article

EMC Calc

April 8, 2015
Contracted programming job using dynamic css and scroll responsive sizing of form controls and graph animations broadcast across eleven languages and integrated into a pre-existing apache include directive structure which required a delicate... View Article


September 9, 2014
A project involving data acquisition and Flash integration. Source excel file with 30,000 locations by name geolocated and converted to 2D coordinates animated over time.


May 17, 2014
AudioBus compatible. Made for musicians looking for a responsive musical instrument with a huge range of sound, Sqeech delivers perfect audio that’s both thick and nimble. It’s an essential arrow in your music... View Article

Genentech Kiosk

November 4, 2013
Standalone kiosk programming job using html5, cookies, and video. This code runs on a kiosk touch screen. It also has a screen saver which persists throughout the presentation. You can preview the Kiosk... View Article


July 19, 2013
The latest robot to raise up from my table and sing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” is an SMS* bot coded for a mobile sales force stretched across the country. Up to 200 cell... View Article


January 25, 2012
Lighthouse Javascript Animation. Random image tiles locating themselves over a timed animation.

GSK – Time-release animation

December 22, 2011
A Flash gastro-intestinal time release animation for GSK. The red flickering countdown is a missing font only on the client’s corporate website. POST

Beech Mountain Resort

June 18, 2011
Launched a new website for Beech Mountain Resort yesterday. We integrated facebook into the site and created a facebook app to facilitate commenting. Six new web cameras have been installed across the mountain... View Article

Lifebank USA

December 7, 2010
My first AdHoc distributed iPad project. The company wanted a sales tool reps could use in the field. The iPad was the answer. Company reps can upgrade content in the field thanks to... View Article

Wavetec OR

August 14, 2010
Lasik eye surgeons needed a way to measure and plot the refractive personalities of their patient’s eyes before surgery. Wavetec created the ORange System to do just that. I was brought on board... View Article


April 22, 2010
Autodesk needed a 3D spinning cube animated for their product line. I worked with my favorite designer and did the programming work for the storefront code. They are revamping their front-end so i’m... View Article


January 19, 2010
Massanutten Ski Resort in Virginia hired me to program their interactive trail map. What they wanted was the ability to let their ski patrol designate which ski trails, lifts and tube runs were... View Article

Ski Beech

January 5, 2009
I’ve been revamping the website for Beech Mountain Resort aka Ski Beech. It is a work in progress for sure but i am very excited about where it is going. There is an... View Article


September 11, 2008
My eyes watered for weeks working on this job. It is a simulator to show how a lasik laser cuts into the patient’s eye. This job was built in flash and it morphed... View Article

Disco Dad

May 16, 2008
Here’s a ditty i just wrapped up for S&K Menswear contracted under Liquid Oak. Actionscript programming galore for this Flash dancing head program. Upload your dad’s photo, choose a body, select a stage... View Article

AAA Travel

May 7, 2008
Here’s some samples of optimized Flash ads for AAA Travel.

Flash 3D Engine

August 9, 2007
Here’s a little ditty written in Flash for a laser eye surgery job i was working on. It’s my first hand-written 3d engine from the ground up. This one is in actionscript 2.0.... View Article

Flash Communications Server Bible

June 1, 2004
Wiley Publishing asked me to contribute three chapters and write sample code for their book Flash Communications Server Bible. My chapters walked the reader through setting up a simple socket connection from the... View Article


January 1, 1999
Ezbay was an app released in 1999 that allowed eBay auction sellers to track their auctions by placing HTML code inside their auction description. The tracking software provided referrer data and browser information... View Article