James True

Official Refigerator Cartoon

Searchable Keywords: Drawn in Kansas City, MO. This is a 100% official refrigerator cartoon. Follow instructions carefully, Print out the image and tape it on your fridge within 5 minutes to activate. This cartoon is not official until placed on some type of refrigerator unit. Freezers are acceptable but void any warranties on the cartoon. Small apartment fridges may present a sizing problem so rescale cartoon before applying to fridge.

In this illustration, a refrigerator sits in a kitchen next to a stove with a pot on the burner. A lonely pencil sharper hangs on the wall to the left. On the fridge is a banana magnet holding a shopping list. A taped cartoon of a fridge sits on the fridge. In that cartoon, the same kitchen is pictured creating an infinite repeating cartoon. A dirty handprint dripping is also there on the freezer door to give the toon some scale.