I am taking clients in the mornings before I write. It’s mostly somatic work. We work on your egoic field together. We meet for an hour and stalk your energy body. We find you new ways to draw prana. Most of this work involves tapping into your ancestors. DM me if you want more info.

Your timeline is technically an ancestor. Your egoic field is something we can repair. Tapping into ancestors is uncovering trauma, pain, or evacuation and restoring yourself with empathy. This makes you stronger in public and therefore much more telepathic and giving.

My technique involves reducing my last two books down to a somatic experience. We stalk your body and look for holes. I ask questions that expose where you could be leaking prana. As an example, many years ago I was ashamed of balding. Where we find false shame, we find leaks. We use these leaks to fix the ego and rebuild our aura. This same technique applies to pride.

I first started to learn these skills working in the wilderness camp for teenagers. When I get my campground, this same work will happen around a nightly campfire. We can reconnect to ourselves and our ancestors and gain power.

Man is the living soil.

Email me at so we can get started.