James True
Jun 21 2007

Mac OSX BootCamp 1.3

Mac OSX Boot Camp 1.3Beta is the diggity-dog for cross-platform OS integration. Make sure you buy an SP2 disk for WinXP (or Vista). The cheaper OEM version is fine, just make sure the entire OS (with SP2) is on one disk. Holding down the option key on my Mac allows me to start my Mac in either WinXP or in MacOSX. BootCamp allows you to see and modify your WinXP partition, but you can't see the mac partition in WinXP. Install was painless. Took about an hour 1/2 mostly twiddling thumbs waiting for the installer to finish. You need a blank CD or DVD and a copy on WinXP or Vista.

If only BootCamp would allow for virtualization (running both OS's at the same time). You can do this with Parallel Graphics Virtualization software but it keeps the same Mac gray colors and the WinXP hourglass is constantly running which is confusing. But it is a great program for what it claims. Parallel offers a trial version.

BootCamp does not support 3 OS's or triple-booting. There are other ways to do the this (check out wikipedia). Seems strange though the Mac wouldn't include this in 1.3.