James True
Bamboo Wind Dragons - The 2015 Bamboo Wind Dragons...
Carburetor Owl - Owl made from a carburetor, spring, and weight. Mirror behind eyes.
Bamboo Zombie Dragon - The 2014 Bamboo Zombie Dragon...
Bronze Flame - Two bronze flames cast from a plywood mold.
Wire Dancer - Did a couple of these, two were life-size. One is on display in an office in Asheville. This is hand twisted wire and the piece measures roughly 30in in height.
Stone Tower Fountain - A marble drilled stone tower sitting inside a poured half-sphere base. For Page 84 of Lark Books Tabletop Fountains book 1999 Asheville, NC. Marble was reclaimed from Elberton, Georgia. One of the few places to acquire nice hand-carvable Colorado marble.
Stone Circle Fountain - This stone circle fountain was also featured in Lark Books 1999 book Tabletop Fountains. Fountain was cast in Asheville, North Carolina. Ingredients include refrigerator tubing, vermiculite, portland cement, copper refrigerator flexible pipe, broken bathr
Transmission Collage - Another 100% recycled piece. This is a series of three transmission casings welded together inside some shelving unit brackets. A copper pipe runs vertically through the center. I used to have more marbles scattered throughout the piece but a truck, marbl
Adult Size Sit-N-Spin - Built in Asheville, birthday gifted to Zach from Cynthia. ingredients: industrial wire spool, shopping cart wheels, volkswagen steering wheel column, left over paint. sitnspin, it's great for grounding, loves to party, and'll look good in the garden. This
Zoltineus - Here's a clay sculpture that actually made it through the firing process. Wish i had a better picture. It stood about two feet high and you could put a candle in it's outstretched hands. Third-eye was added in photoshop for an online fortunetelling websit