James True
Sep 13 2007

Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary

I finally got off my 'ars' and started helping somebody for the sake of help. There's this place up here on Beech Mtn called Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. It's a non-profit dedicated to wildlife rehab. It all started a few months ago when i found the cutest little kitty hanging out behind my house. Poor little guy had one eye closed from infection and was generally miserable. Looked like he had been evicted from his clan but i never got the full story out of him. Took him to a vet (bad idea) got some terrible advice and ended up freaking out one morning when the kitty's conditioned turned bad (after one week). Not knowing what to do i remembered this place Genesis that my dogs found (ironic i know) when we were out hiking. I spent the whole day there with the little kitty on an IV in the careful hands of a young soul named Cayenne. She did what she could do but the kitty had better places to be. It tore me up saying goodbye but the curator of Genesis (Leslie) had such a strong glow my sadness was negated by all the things she does. Couple of weeks later i have befriended a great horned owl named Sasha, stabbed myself with a rabies vacine (intended for a racoon), and cleaned more poop then i care to describe. Although, i must say, out of all the poop out there, baby Opossum poo is the king daddy. The bouchet is stunning to say the least. I should also point out Sasha probably will say she does not care for me, but i am working on it. I took her down to a Riverfest in Valle Crucis where a gaggle of children kept asking me questions i didn't know the answer too. After a while, i started making stuff up, came home and have been working on my knowledge of owls in general. Did you know they have 3D hearing? Tis true, their ears are much more powerful than their eyes.

Genesis houses a ton of other animals, some permanent residents others just passing through. I help when i can and wish i could be there everyday. Last week 50 baby squirrels were brought in.

That's all for now cept long live the animals and "Keep it Wild".

May 2008 Update! I am now on the Genesis Board of Directors. We revamped the website and included an online donation form (wink wink) that ties into the back-end. Also, the mailing list is dynamic and can be accessed from inside the center for mailings.