James True
Jan 19 2010

iPhone Developer

My first iPhone App "SkiBeech" was officially released on the App Store on Friday, December 18th, 2009. It's a Utility App which connects to the website www.skibeech.com and reports weather, ski conditions, live web camera, the trail map, and special events to the iPhone. The review process took 8 days from start to release. The App has been in the App store for 30 days now. On average, 50 users download the app each day. I get about one review per day. All of the written reviews are positive. Users can rate the App from 1 to 5 stars. Sadly the lower star ratings do not include any reasons why. It's a free App and there is no advertising in the App.

I recommend the book "iPhone SDK" published by O'Reilly. This company doesn't publish bad programming books. I have never been disappointed with their offerings. iPhone is programmed with Objective-C. I am mainly a Perl guy but the Windows Visual C++ work i have done helped a bit. I do really like the xCode programming tools provided by Apple. They are free and much easier to use than Microsoft's very expensive Visual C++ packages which stop working once you upgrade the OS. xCode also comes with a lovely iPhone Simulator which makes tweaking apps very fast.