James True
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Wacom Tablet - Jan/19/2007 - In case anyone's curious i have been trying out a new Wacom tablet on my cartoons. I used to draw by hand and then scan in my black&white drawings then paint in photoshop. It takes a long time to do i...more
Have Mac, will Babel - Dec/6/2006 - I finally got a Mac. It's been a while since i had one. If you have the flash player installed you should be listening to a mix called "Elements" i made with two pop kits, squence element, slapped bas...more
Newport Mercury - Sep/8/2006 - Happy news! The Mercury out of Newport, Rhode Island has picked up true stories for syndication. Grab your copy of the Mercury anywhere in Newport County, Bristol and South County Rhode Island. They a...more
so mote it be - Sep/20/2005 - Greetings visitors. This site has been up for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to some traffic from renderosity.com and deviantart.com, I hope to have more folks visit and your eyes are proof of somethin...more