James True
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Massanutten Ski Resort - Jan/19/2010 - Massanutten Ski Resort in Virginia hired me to program their interactive trail map. What they wanted was the ability to let their ski patrol designate which ski trails, lifts and tube runs were open ...more
The Edge - Apr/10/2009 - The cartoon strip true stories has been picked up for syndication by the monthly publication The Edge. The Edge may be one of America's best-kept secrets as a monthly magazine that explores the evolu...more
Ski Beech - Jan/25/2009 - I've been revamping the website for Beech Mountain Resort aka Ski Beech. It is a work in progress for sure but i am very excited about where it is going. There is an interactive trail map which ski pa...more
Intralase Simulator - Sep/11/2008 - My eyes watered for weeks working on this job. It is a simulator to show how a lasik laser cuts into the patient's eye. This job was built in flash and it morphed into a full-fledged 3D engine the ...more
Disco Dad Programming - May/16/2008 - Here's a ditty i just wrapped up for S&K Menswear contracted under Liquid Oak. Actionscript programming galore for this Flash dancing head program. Upload your dad's photo, choose a body, select a st...more
The First Annual Great Ferret Derby - Jan/3/2008 - We were joking around at a Genesis Board meeting in November that we could race ferret's and take bets as a way to raise money for Genesis. We ended up with the First Annual Great Ferret Derby on Dec...more
Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary - Sep/13/2007 - I finally got off my 'ars' and started helping somebody for the sake of help. There's this place up here on Beech Mtn called Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. It's a non-profit dedicated to wildlife rehab. ...more
My First 3D Engine in Flash - Aug/9/2007 - Here's a little ditty written in Flash for a laser eye surgery job i was working on. It's my first hand-written 3d engine. This one is in actionscript 2.0. It has a back-face culling routine and the s...more
Mac OSX BootCamp 1.3 - Jun/21/2007 - Mac OSX Boot Camp 1.3Beta is the diggity-dog for cross-platform OS integration. Make sure you buy an SP2 disk for WinXP (or Vista). The cheaper OEM version is fine, just make sure the entire OS (with ...more
GarageBand - Jan/24/2007 - GarageBand for mac is still a lot of fun, it's the main program i run when the mac is on. I have added Garageband project files you can download in the music section. Visit the song's page for a downl...more