James True
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Visian Data Geo in Flash - May/13/2015 - A project involving data acquisition and Flash integration. Source excel file with 30,000 locations by name geolocated and converted to 2D coordinates animated over time.
High Country Tap Room - May/13/2015 - Made the logo and this sign for the High Country Tap Room in Sugar Mtn, NC. Hand cut plywood letters and spray paint.
Sqeech touch synth for iPad - May/7/2014 - AudioBus compatible. Made for musicians looking for a responsive musical instrument with a huge range of sound, Sqeech delivers perfect audio that's both thick and nimble. It's an essential arrow in ...more
The SMS Robot - Jul/9/2013 - The latest robot to raise up from my table and sing "Puttin' on the Ritz" is an SMS* bot coded for a mobile sales force stretched across the country. Up to 200 cell phones all on different carriers ...more
Beech Mountain Resort - Jun/18/2011 - Launched a new website for Beech Mountain Resort yesterday. We integrated facebook into the site and created a facebook app to facilitate commenting. Six new web cameras have been installed across t...more
LifebankUSA - Dec/7/2010 - My first AdHoc distributed iPad project. The company wanted a sales tool reps could use in the field. The iPad was the answer. Company reps can upgrade content in the field thanks to all the content...more
Wavetec Orange Demo - Aug/14/2010 - Lasik eye surgeons needed a way to measure and plot the refractive personalities of their patient's eyes before surgery. Wavetec created the ORange System to do just that. I was brought on board to ...more
Autodesk 3D - Apr/22/2010 - Autodesk needed a 3D spinning cube animated for their product line. I worked with my favorite designer and did the programming work for the storefront code. They are revamping their front-end so i'm...more
Hoot Haus - Mar/6/2010 - This Summer I stepped up my efforts at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. We made a ton of improvements since the spring of 2009. This is one of those efforts. It is a 170 square-foot habitat. The habitat ...more
iPhone Developer - Jan/19/2010 - My first iPhone App "SkiBeech" was officially released on the App Store on Friday, December 18th, 2009. It's a Utility App which connects to the website www.skibeech.com and reports weather, ski con...more