Black-Eye Club is Out Now

Available now in print, ebook, and audio

The Black-Eye Club is a Gospel of Hades. It’s a book which draws parallels between hell and denialism. It’s a love story with clones, a genetic museum, an albino, and a hermaphrodite surviving in the Serengeti of Tanzania. It explores the essence of consciousness and how it works in the jungle and it’s out now.

Jonathan Bloom develops an injection that paralyzes the retina’s melanin receptors revealing a whole new reality. Linus visits an albino clone farm in Africa and discovers Blueman’s secret and a museum’s plan to compress humanity into a genetic seed. Leda is a surrogate hermaphrodite haunted by memories that don’t belong to her. Sawa is an albino who sold his eye so his family could survive. This is the prequel to Quantum Rapture and the insane history of Lyra Vega’s mom. The story shows how far a man is willing to descend into hell to find the woman he loves and how important it is to die with our sanctity before it’s too late.

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