Melanin in the Paranormal Experience

My latest conversation with Typical Skeptic goes into the use of melanin in the paranormal experience. We render energy in our room when we can afford to be dilated. We erase truth through the secretion of melanin. Truth is a radiance and we are delicate drums in its electromagnetic spectrum. Our consciousness drives reality and melanin is the brake we use when its coming too fast. This is how consciousness works.

Melanocytes are found in the inner ear and other places light does not shine. Melanin is an intelligent absorber that remembers, and shields, informational radiation. We use melanin to cope with a high-bandwidth signal. Strabismus is “cross-eyed” vision and is frequent in schizophrenia and albinism because they are seeing multiple targets simultaneously.

Necromancy is the witness of ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is “dead” energy because it has been abandoned by its owner. This is why Jesus was considered a necromancer. Telepathy is not mental, it is somatic. Telepathy is the power of empathy and simulation combined.

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