The Decibel of Crucifixion

Pain is hermetic information. The moment pain informs us we turn it into worth. Ancestral pain is the root of self-worth. This gold is mined in every experience where we survive pain’s decibels. Every trial becomes proof our survival was worth it. This only happens when we transmogrify it.

The modern definition of transmogrify is to change something in a preposterous or unbelievable way. This describes what we do when we alchemize pain in a world that doesn’t believe in such things.

The entirety of your universe is stretched open in pain’s birth. The deeper the pain, the bigger the drum to feel it. Christ was crucified with no disciples to preserve the crown of thorns as the ultimate form of suffering. Only the Magdalene of Christ understood this.

Perhaps Mary is the Holy Oil transmogrified in sweat, tears, blood, and c*m. These are the lubricants of surrender and annihilation is the conversion of the body into worth.

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One thought on “The Decibel of Crucifixion

  1. Hi James, you must know the work of Acharya S. and her research into the Jesus Christ myth – she was a very serious and knowledgeable scholar. She was dismissed by religious “authorities” as a conspiracy theorist. Being the coward that I am, I would not put this information before my fundamentalist acquaintances: a) it would be a waste of time; b) they would never speak to me again, and c) the shock might kill them. 
    Miguel Connor interviewed Acharya S. just before she died. The video is:  Was There a Historical Jesus? (with Acharya S.): Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

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