Principles of Addiction

I worked with a healer from Chattanooga in the drug recovery industry and later went on to become a wilderness counselor at a juvenile detention center on the banks of the Duck River. I am neither a doctor nor a counselor so now you know.

I am however a fully qualified patient of medicine. I’ve seen what it can and can’t do. It is my job as patient to understand my role in the doctor-patient relationship so medicine can flow into me effectively and so I have. This work has been noted in my chart as “patient is difficult.”

I see medicine as something different than most. I believe insurance possibly ruins the potency of medicine. I see free health care as an ignorant form of eugenics because of the mechanics of the caduceus. I like the Caduceus. I like the fact it symbolizes commerce. I reject idealism as a form of medicine because I know placebo requires real ectoplasm to work.

Anatomically speaking, we lie from the same place we heal so how can a healer not be a liar?

Caduceus is a commerce because it requires an exchange between two parties. Commerce is required for a herd demanding life insurance. The only way you can get everyone on the same snake oil is by turning it into a business. This is how and why herd medicine works.

Herd medicine will fail if it does not have credentials. A herd needs that before they will open their immune system. Credentials are faith through academic scripture. This is the Enochian magic we spoke about last week. The amount of genuine witness you apply to any craft the more effective it becomes. Credentials allow the herd to obey itself through venerated exclusion. Elite medicine focuses the herd’s belief into the central prism. This is a brilliant use of the herd.

If you no longer believe in the herd you are going to have a problem with herd medicine. Those credentials are not going to work on you. You, my friend, are going to have to pull electricity from the atmosphere. Out here, witness is the only medicine you practice. Can we understand an injury so well we no longer label it as “sickness” but a reaction to a painful event that we can no longer ignore.


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  1. I exchange my witness, my calories, my sweat, my daily care for the medecine of the soil – the grime that won’t wash off my hands; that slowly works it’s fractal ways into the layers of my being.
    My personal physicians are legion.

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