Talking to Reptiles – Pt1

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Life is a sentimental diary of action potentials. Where we find sentiment we find sentience because all sentience is sentimental. Sentiment is a requirement for memory to work. Sentiment tells the body, “if this memory dies, so do you.”

James True’s groundbreaking new series on consciousness starts by defining life as separate from consciousness. We then give the reptile full dominion over the realm of life through reflex. We explain how limbic input, otherwise known as pain, is immersion and the reptile has no power over his reflex reactions. This is what it means to be more alive than conscious.

People ask if reptiles are emotionally intelligent. The answer is yes. Emotional intelligence is a function of survival and exists in a primitive form in every creature we see react to its environment. We see the following emotions demonstrated in reptiles: Anxiety. Distress. Excitement. Fear. Frustration. Pain. Stress. Suffering. This tells us our sentience is a function of pain. Underneath it all we find self to be a gestalt.

“Death is that moment at which the body’s physiological system ceases to constitute an integrated whole” – United States President’s Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research

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