Farewell to WordPress

I have been writing a column on my WordPress website jtrue.com for almost two decades. There are thousands of posts in the archives and the amount of content always made it a challenge to upgrade so I never could. Lately, the way the internet handles email has made it difficult to continue and this has turned out to be a blessing.

I will be migrating off of a traditional website going forward. I have consolidated my website offerings into three solutions:
1) Patreon – James True Live, Airship, Videos, Zooms, Community

2) Shopify – My website shop

3) Substack – My writings and blog (former Twitter)

Let me know what you think or if you want to recommend another solution.


P.S. New show in the works for the Notre Dame Fire anniversary (From Rooster to Phoenix)

Man’s Deadliest Weapon by James True

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