2 thoughts on “Airship #56

  1. Grip D. …. I’m certain he went by a different name or names, I believe it was “Wharfstar” or “Wharfenstein” or both or something similar, in a handful of past Dojos – particularly, when he tried convincing others that his low energy and cowardice about wearing masks during the CoV-Id hysteria was actually high energy and not cowardice. It seems he’s still in denial of his cowardice to this day.

    He’s also the same individual who employed these same tactics of trying to hide his cowardly, conflict-avoidant preferences within a suggestion of “well-meaning”, alternative, lower-energy approaches or actions for the group to adopt, with his comments on one of FullMetaAlchemist/Jomega’s posts related to working towards increased sovereignty on the currently-fallow Dojo Earth site.

    His behavior was dissonant to witness, and it’s certainly V.I.T.R.I.O.L. for me to process and alchemize. Thank you for calling him out – again.

  2. I love you all. Thank you for this it’s vitriolic for me. I know I will be here for always. I said from the first time I found James’ ” first for me” upload I commented ” I feel like I found treasure” (something like that) I still feel that way. Thanks to all of you for being in my unlearning process.

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