4 thoughts on “Round Two with Real Eyes Radio

  1. Appreciate these podcasts more as I grasp the terminology. This one in particular fired up a dormant aspect of my imagination. Lately I have felt weak, scared to move into what I see next as growth as a symbiotic cell within a cell, or as James pointed out, as a thermodynamic equation.

    As a small child I was invincible, nothing could touch me… and coming up with new daring stunts was part of summer fun in my neighborhood. This particular day I remember encouraging my tribe of ruffians to help me rake the leaves below our house roofline into big piles then placing an unsteady old latter up on the guttering. I convinced my brother to climb up on the roof with me and all below began to make bets on who would jump first, as this was part of what we did… the dare was strong. This went on for a bit and when I felt it was the perfect time I jumped into the leaves. No fear, no injuries, only cheers and laughter. Lucky, yes. Needed, depends on what was accomplished. I was part of a tribe of boys no different then them. I belonged.

  2. Awesome episode! I appreciated the couple vocabulary mat sessions had by all in good fun! What was the pants no pants vs shorts thing Rambo brought up twice? LoLz Seamed like and what color is this dress MandelaOrian? Anywho, going for a second spin! I’m still not sold on the virtue of lying in my old two things one term conundrum but yea such a fun discussion!

  3. When you said that the vagus nerve “sets its own tone”, I was just thinking about the chiropractor sending me a specific song to play for my daughter while she sleeps that will “reset her vagus nerve”. It’s so wild how I (others I’m sure too) experience in life what you are speaking out loud, almost simultaneously. Not only do we render our own reality we render each others. It is known.

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