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6 months ago

Fantastic episode James! You asked near the end if it was OK, and yeah man, I loved it. Right where I am right now, moving from one belt to the next, I can feel it when I get into conflicts with people and suddenly they’re pulling back with their tail between their legs instead of me. Power up!

I found you a while back via Miguel Connor who I found via Skeptiko. I’ve been listening to Alex for ages and was and kind of still am a big fan of his podcast. I was really looking forward to your interview with him and when I listened, I was like, wait, what?! He’s always going on about censorship and just having civil conversations and he couldn’t handle you! I can’t imagine what the rest of it was like and can’t believe he cut so much out. He can be very pedantic on some topics and has some massive blind spots (flat earth is a biggie!) but is usually very insightful. You rubbed him up the wrong way bro!

Keep ’em coming!