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Marla Bender
Marla Bender
4 months ago

I can’t believe that there are no comments on this podcast! I must have listened to it at least five times. Big Brother can testify to that. This podcast has caused me to lose all faith in mass shooters. Henceforth they will just be targeted agenda puppets in my eyes. But on the upside, I won’t feel that gut-twisting fear that arises when I cannot make sense of a regular Joe suddenly becoming a mass murderer. From now on, I will only trust Gubment with mass murder.

Anyway, I’m in O K L A H O M A where we recently passed an unlicensed open carry law, if that law was even legit, (which is another conversation) then it would seem logical that Oklahoma would soon be covered up with false flags to call attention to those stupid Okies who just passed an unlicensed open carry law.

And… presto! We got ourselves an “active shooter” in the best/main hospital in smart City Tulsa. Five dead including the shooter with uncounted injured two hours later. Are you kidding me? two hours later and they haven’t counted how many were injured? Or, maybe they can’t tell us the whole story yet because A.) They need us to keep watching or B.) They need to get some audience feedback so they know how to direct the cast.

Two, maybe three hours after the shooting, Tulsa’s mayor, GT Bynum, short for Global Tyranny Bynum, was in front of the cameras with a police department representative and the hospital director all were praising ALL the first responders in the whole town.

As a side note, Tulsa’s Chief of Police has recently been visiting another Smart City in California to learn how to implement 24/7 surveillance of Tulsans, for safety of course. We already have more cameras than Sparrows in this town.

Sooooo, the next scene of this theatre will be all about the need for Tulsans to surrender more of their rights in order to protect Tulsa’s sacred First Responders.

You really need to see the video of Mayor Global Tyranny Bynum and the Hospital Director and the Police Cheif selling their Coolaid in front of the cameras to bolster the next scene in this play when Tulsa will be required to give up every last right for the sake of the First Responders. I’m gonna guess this will involve face diapers, more surveillance, more identification, and stabby stabs.