#344 – The Art of Whitemail

Blackmail is a threat to release something that will hurt a reputation. Whitemail is a threat to release something that helps. All of mainstream media has been ordered to whitemail Assange. Is this quote why? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11” – Julian Assange

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3 months ago

Please remove the email I placed in the comment. My bad. Didn’t realize I was going public! Crazy computer day!

3 months ago

Hi, My name is Edith and I just subscribed. I have been following you on youtube for a month or more now. All I want to say right now is that I see youtube removes my comments. I had asked a question, and it is not even there now. One thing about ongoing computer tech probs is that they wear people down, from email outages, to missing comments, to being unpaid research fix it yourself employees for each website.

I am grumpy!

Regarding your videos and the bits of article I found on here, (loved the Gaga ones!) I am learning and unlearning a lot. The toughest thing for me, and the most painful has been comprehending how I am responsible for the shadow side being lived out. And I am in the middle of my “journey”. And it has been extremely helpful for people like you to bring knowledge down to earth in a hands on kind of way. I am a life long metaphysical seeker (I’m 62), but so much of it is misleading or hidden, not unlike the astrology in plain site in the Bible.

The most difficult aspect I can’t reconcile, I have this belief that “Source or God is not suppose to BE LIKE THIS. Or How can this BE? How is it that abused knowledge is in the hands of the few to use against the ignorant. If we are created out of One Source, how is it that parts of it are so, I’ll say it, cruel, evil, ect, committing acts against those that have no conscious awareness nor conscious aware consent?

Watching your vids on slavery and being a victim and needing a champion helps a lot. But how did this even come to be in the first place? why are we like this?

(I have forgotten how to use paragraphs and so this is a ramble).

And I am wanting to have common sense, wisdom.

I am new to your website and am looking around at all the goodies.

There is another issue with each teacher or journalist person having their own website and products, which means people like me must choose carefully. We can’t financially subscribe for each and every person we like. How I wish I could!

So I know I won’t be able to ever ask you anything via youtube. and I have read other people having the same issue, disappearing comments.

Thank you so much,

PS, because of the yahoo / currently att email outage, and even though i have my emails forwarded to gmail, I am going to give the gmail here just in case. I subscribed as and I did receive the forwarded reply and so forth, but with other websites I am not getting the forwarded reply, this is Patreon which I have come to resent with a passion for need to “verify this device” each and every time! So I will be unsubscribing there.

sorry for the ramble James. Or whomever might be fielding this.

3 months ago
Reply to  James True

Dear James, Could you please remove my email? Talk about scatter brain! And I look forward to more! The orange man thing! I never would have guessed, thought it went with the bad hair! PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL! Thanks.