#355 – The Holy Upgrade

We banish God to breathe life into a new one.

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  1. (Written 03/16/2021 — This was inspired, in large part, by James True at that time. This episode inspires me to share it, here and now. I hope it reads as contiguous to the theme of #355)

    I am, the Psychophysical Israel, and the Existential Ba’al

    It was a corporate scheme,
    To cleave reality into two.
    A dissonant divination;
    A clever daemon;
    The first fallacious facsimile;
    Closest to suitable for the corporeal;
    Almost a beauty;
    Almost achieving aptness to purpose;
    But it’s fruit bore an appetite for avarice.
    Thy Universe determined,
    “Acculturated form,” to be sterile facade.

    Powers and their visages rise and fall.
    Stories built and buried;
    From ‘truth’,
    To ‘the truth’,
    Cascaded a deluge of qualifiers.
    Yet life prevails, paramount.
    It’s beauty exceeds.
    It’s ugliness exceeds.
    How long has the game gone on?
    Master and slave;
    Corporate and corporeal;
    Husk and pith;
    The breaking,
    The bleeding,
    The cutting,
    The feeding.
    Am I missing this price,
    When I look to the seedling?
    Is it death —
    The only progenitor of pabulum, for living?


    Ideation is Thy creature.
    Logos is Thy wellspring,
    Out of which, life spills from point-source.
    Death does not constitute life’s negation.
    Fluctuation is our afterthought.
    I measured the matter.
    I chased the trailing ripple,
    Of word’s organic wake.
    But, now, I remember.
    I must realize.
    I am the psychophysical Israel, and the existential Ba’al.

    (Much like the consonant “J” is said to have been misapplied to meanings that preceded it, I have come to understand that “Israel” is a term that is newer than the ideas I am applying it to.”)

    Israel – who wrestles with God

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