375 – The Dark Worker

People have it all backward. The ones who never make anyone mad are hoarding their medicine. People like me who are constantly triggering people are generous with it. When people get mad I know if I can endure long enough they will actualize the Gift of Baal. This is why we raise our consciousness. To be better gift givers.

2 thoughts on “375 – The Dark Worker

  1. Thoughts from outside the circle.

    This is so relatable. Who has not had the money clip windfall test? Mine was a jar of coins at my dad’s house. I had never seen that much money in one place. It looked like too much to count. Surely he wouldn’t miss any of it. But wouldn’t a true dark worker enjoy every second of that experience and savor it for years to come? Those are the dark workers who can really do the job of dark work.

    “Possession: The calories it takes to hold on to something.”

    So good. So true. I have possessed and have been possessed by so many people, places, and things in my life. This is one of those deep, deep truths. Right now, I am sitting in a room FULL of things that I have not been able to part with. These things own me. I need an exorcism.

    I had a full page of thoughts on this show but they just go nowhere.

    I need to be a better Longhunter. 

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