427 – How Life Works

Consciousness is a biological collection of limbic inputs working in tandem under a singular Zeus. Every organism requires a mythology to keep itself together. There is a genetic programming language working through our ion channels and we will look to the work of Dr Michael Levin to demonstrate its interface.

3 thoughts on “427 – How Life Works

  1. Interesting to hear your ideas about “self.” I had been intuiting that there is no “self,” but there is just “God/everything” and we are simple a part of that. It then occurred to me that the idea that we exist separate from God is a hoax to get us to fall for the idea that we need to be saved. Several “non-dualistic” spiritual teachers concur somewhat, but I still held out the possibility that there is a self, just not the self that society teaches us to identify with.

  2. Excellent captivating title there, James! And pardon earlier message to you that we can now disregard as was able to access your newsletter updates by clicking onto your email posts. And although many enriching takeaways from your writings & wisdom teachings – – it was your December 2021 articles that really helped with understanding even more so, “how this 3D system actually works!”

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