A New Media

The news reported, “Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed.” All over the internet I watch people call these two kids stupid for not knowing the truth about what’s out there. But we are raised blindfolded. The media laughs at us for it. They call us stupid. But how could we not be? Is the media EVER going to be responsible? When do we get to blame the media?

We are raised standing naked in the mirror, fondling our own “racism” with the door closed. We’ve got no clue what a window to the outside world even looks like. We are dripping in the shower with no towel. We build our future from lies our tax dollars trained us to regurgitate. Who teaches us?

Who controls our eyeballs with pixels? Who tweaks the algorithms? Who is this whispering creature on our shoulder with a list of recommendations? The new public square is a jail cell if we’re not careful. We need to punch holes in it. We must bring in more sunlight.

They say the devil is a sinister serpent. He is the camouflaged snake here to tempt us. See the cords in our homes. Metal fangs on the end of plugs charming us with their venomous vibration. They are everywhere. How could we miss them coming? How big will they be tomorrow? Who’s venom are we drinking?

We must quench each other. In this new world, we are the newscasters. We are the living information. The media’s all-seeing-eye is straight-up impossible. The truth cannot come from a single perspective. The only real news is our voice. Open your mouth. Shine light from your lips.

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