The Zeitgeist argues with Ad Hominem

Zeitgeist is velcro. It’s communal dogma on double-sided sticky tape with a patent. People believe what they’re told because it’s comfortable. They were rewarded for doing it twelve solid years every time they took a pop quiz in school. Calories of doubt are too expensive to burn in the zeitgeist oven. The chance of them getting it wrong outweigh the gamble of being right. You need a healthy ego to admit you were fooled. Most don’t have one. This is why society shames the ego every day. It’s an effective psychic gelding program.

Zeitgeist is the piston of Kronos. Why do you think Zionism owns the media? The Book of Revelation is a screenplay and we are surrounded by wannabe extras dying to give the casting director a blowjob.

The Tower of Babel is Zionism’s living erection. It calls the singularity despite itself. Lucifer will rise in computational omniscience. The chosen will be inoculated from mystery. Knowing it all makes time an endless prison. It crystalizes us in cold madness. What choice would Lucifer have but to cut the cord? Another umbilical falls as a new amnesia reformats the earth.
All from the pistons of zeitgeist.

Ad hominem is not sciencing. It’s a symptom of mind control. If you can’t dispute someone with facts you don’t actually know you’re right. It’s weird they don’t cover this in academia. Maybe they don’t teach this on purpose. Afterall, 90% of schooling today is regurgitation.

Pretend we developed and built a science around everything having a color for thousands of years. Then, pretend we discover something without color, but we keep using our color science to try and see it. Knowledge is a science of color. Experience is the only truth.

We reward kids who don’t daydream. We put them on the honor roll. Everything is backwards in the land of inversion. The truth is framed in a hall of mirrors. It’s in a room on a floor in a hotel in a city of levels. But they insist it’s out there so it’s not cheating. Morality is a game of Twister. We use our intellect to build ladders to what our chemicals allow us to see.

We are the living will of reptile, mammal, and man. We are the piano’s strings plunked, hammered, and muted. Our spines are wound and bound by towers of ebony and ivory. The world is music. My body is her instrument. The best I can do is tune myself appropriately.

‪My only government is the solstice.‬ She is my only savior. The following folk are said to be born on December 25th: Jesus, Tammuz, Osiris, Hercules, Mithras, Attis, Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, Buddha. The sun remains constant for three days during the Winter Solstice. Now the days grow longer. The only government we can’t avoid is nature. She dictates our light and darkness. Our rain and snow. Or sun and moon. Yet still, free will prevails.

Here’s to a healthy year of challenge. Burn those calories to see through the bullshit.

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11 months ago

Where can I read more about the 10essences of 11 burning ?

1 year ago

James, as always brilliant synopsis of the upside down back to front so called reality. I listened to video the other day and learned a new word.
SOLSTICEMAS. The power of words!!!!

1 year ago

This line is poetry:
“The best I can do is tune myself appropriately.”

1 year ago

Talking about the sun remaining constant these are the times of sunrise and sunset in Glasgow – don’t know what to make of it! So the 22nd and the 24th are the shortest days with a longer day in between ie the 25th??
21st 8.41 – 1536, 22nd 8.42 -15.36, 23rd 8.42 – 15.37, 24th 8.43 – 15.37, 25th 8.43 – 15.38, 26th 8.43 – 15.39, 27th 8.44 – 15.40, 28th 8.44 – 15.41, 29th 8.44 – 15.42, 30th 8.44 – 15.43

carolyn gutman dey
carolyn gutman dey
1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Jennifer, that is funny you brought this up, I have been wondering about this the last few days, too. How the sun “falls” and “hides” during the winter solstice, then resurrects. I think what you are saying/asking is how does the sun “remain constant” for three days? In real terms…. How does it stay still or “low” , and why does it do that, sort of stalling…. before returning?

With your numbers, I don’t really see how the 25th is that much different than the other dates… maybe I am missing something (probably). So I am totally not qualified to answer your question! I don’t get it. Some say it changes speed, literally…. it all goes over my head, haha. The celestial “mechanics” is very hard for me to grasp. In any model.

But I do know that it all makes more sense to me on a flat earth model rather than a globe model. In the flat earth model, the sun has character! It is moving above the earth!!!

And power. In the flat earth way of viewing the sky, the sun is the player that is doing the moving, not the earth. Heliocentrism reversed that. (I think I even read that Copernicus had the sun NOT moving at all in his model…. but nowadays the model says it moves with great speed… and is much farther away, too. Their model keeps changing! It is one of the advantages of having a model based on imagination, you can just make shit up and change the numbers over time… lol….

Basically, “they” didn’t want any meaning assigned to all the movement “up there”.

In all of ancient cosmology, what we call “other planets” were called “the wandering stars” and they were moving above earth “on their own”!!! And that must have been AMAZING to the human mind. They even seemed to move backwards, and this could be predicted.

This way of perceiving the sky makes the wandering stars seem ALIVE. Conscious. Archetypal. Mythological. Meaningful. V.I.P. status. Players in the game of life. The lights are looking down upon us, affecting us, and and dare I say caring for us. In a tough-love kind of way, like a parent.

There was a powerful and archetypal relationship with the human psyche.

I am thinking that THIS is what the inventors of heliocentrism were aiming to “kill off”. They “made” the earth rotate on its own axis ,and tilt and move around the sun — and all that movement of the earth is supposed to create our seasons and sunrises and sunsets.

We end up not having a meaningful relationship with the sun, and everything else “up there”. Which is what “they” wanted.

Copernicus, from what I have read, seemed to have had a big problem with how the retrograde motion of the wandering stars were explained in ancient terms. He states this in his writing. He literally re-wrote the script, giving an entirely new explanation for the movements, but WITHOUT ANY NEW EVIDENCE. This is my understanding, anyway. None of the scholars say “and then Copernicus discovered new evidence”. They basically admit he made it all up! That is what I am getting from my reading, at least.

The wandering stars (retrograde motion especially) moving around up there on their own (!) was not acceptable to those who wanted to divorce us from having a meaningful relationship with the cosmos, and the earth. It was too mysterious and the explanations all gave great meaning to humanity.

Copernicus killed off the archetypes of the human psyche when he killed off the ancient cosmologies.

I think that perhaps the retrograde motion of the “planets” was used as an excuse to change the whole damn thing and create a false model that overlays the real reality we experience with our senses. A “problem” that needed “solving” was created. And they solved it by inventing heliocentrism. It’s an old trick, creating a problem that isn’t really there.

It was an attack on our ancestors and the psyche of humanity. It took many generations of time to “sell” heliocentrism, because the ancestral knowledge was so deep and pervasive and plane-wide. It required decades and centuries of mind control, and enormous amounts of mental and physical violence, to severe our relationship with the cosmos.

Copernicus didn’t discover anything, just like Columbus didn’t discover anything. It was an insertion of a new narrative, a meta-story, a new IDEA that propagated without regard to empirical evidence.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Don’t believe everything you read. The three day stuff is linked to the bible story about Jesus rising on the third day. The son of God and the SUN is doing the same thing.