Best Apocalypse Ever – Preorder

Preorder my latest book, Best Apocalypse Ever. Copies signed by author with free shipping in US.
The Apocalypse will be televised. It’s the only way it could work. That’s why they call it, apocalypse. In my latest book, I unravel why we are here and how the lotus unfolds in the great awakening. After reading this book you will agree this is really the Best Apocalypse Ever!

Chapters include: American Leviathan. Orange Man Sad. Propaganda Virus. New World Normal. Gifts of Baal. Mask Psychosis. Victim in the Hood. The Lorax of Men. Eye of Ra. White Lies Matter. Dojo Earth. For the Love of Vitriol. The Six Belts. Chariots of Fire. A Body Electric. Ectoplasma. Humanity is not a Virus. Shut your Whore Mouth, Babylon. Revelation.

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Kathy A Macmillan
Kathy A Macmillan
1 year ago

Hi James True. I was wondering when my order will be fulfilled for the book. I placed it via paypal back in March. Thank you.

1 year ago

Hello James
Can I buy your books direct (I don’t like Amazon) ? Really want to get “Best Apocalypse Ever” as soon as possible.
I discovered you on Flatoberfest and I find your work so uplifting.
Take care of you.

Maria Salvi
Maria Salvi
1 year ago

James, if this book is anything like your Flatoberfest presentation, which I anticipate it is since you said it’s chapter 9, I’m super excited to read it! Yay!