Black Powder Friday

A tribe lit its first campfire on the shores of David Crockett’s birthplace. That morning I met America’s original totem bird and captured it on camera. We’re making a movie about sovereignty. Black Powder Friday is a 9 minute film I made as a taste. We went alchemical on the meaning of Black Friday with a visit to the Black Powder Shoot in Greene County, Tennessee. This is the start of something BIG. I need your help. Please consider donating to my production budget.


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MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 469 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
Steve Miles

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 491 D.C.B. Park TN _01.JPG
Joe Edwards

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 404 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
Warren Lake

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 358 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
Dennis Bennett

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 456 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
Kevin Blevin

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 499 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
Dean Simpson

MfK Black Powder 11-29-19 497 D.C.B. Park TN .JPG
David Simerly

Photos by Brent Scheneman

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2 years ago

As the only modern country to be based in freedm the magic is with you to make changes. Sorry!