Conversations with Crrow777

I just did a brand new episode with Crrow777 on the principle and mechanics of aperture. Here’s an entire list of all the episodes we’ve done together since episode 424.
Perception – what is it? The dictionary tells us it is a noun meaning: The process of perceiving something with the senses. Perception has become a target in the modern era. The social engineers have had their manipulative sights on it for some time now, and quite recently algorithms, sometimes called AI, have taken over (more…)
It is claimed that some of the best cathedrals were built in, or adjacent to, the so-called Dark Ages. And though the church claims the glory of edifices like Notre Dame, they cannot, or will not, name the architect. The best spiritual constructions were built, and based on, natural elemental knowing – which was employed (more…)
As we move away from buying and selling based on value, ownership too is in the offing. We stand witness to a planned destination based on control and illusion. Some call it the singularity, but a better description might be a world of imagination, built on counterfeit constructs that approximate our tangible creation. The possibility (more…)
Do you know what an Analemma is? If not, how can that be? It demonstrates critical truths about this place we exist, and shows the high and low points of our all-important sun. Such truths demonstrate a lot about the time we exist in, to include the fact that we are outside of time in (more…)
230- Here Comes the Sun, and a Building – Guest Name: James True
It has always been about the sun but unfortunately the men in black scared many minds into accepting the exact opposite of what is provably true. This truth is reflected in every single spiritual tradition in this world from east to west, from north to south. By the way, a building existed hundreds of years (more…)
There are many temples in this world which proves there is a reason for temples. They are often found on energy centers or lines to include the side of your head. Unfortunately some temples seek to replace all others in our world. Live and let died indeed – you gotta give the other fella hell… (more…)
Avoiding programming is a major issue in the information age and this has directly to do with mind – which precedes everything you will ever experience in this world. In the same way we understand words have meaning, we can also understand perception is a cause for all that follows in shaping what we call (more…)

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