Death of the Phoenix

Facebook cut eight hundred pages from their database on Oct 11th. One was the first website to publish my first article under a pen name. Additionally, all of my writings are gone from the Google index. A robot found me and said, “Off with his head!” I am limping from the slash in my traffic. I am glad you have found me and ask you to be sure and subscribe. We are connected with each other through a digital conduit. So many of us live in pockets of exiled thought. We find each other through pixels behind a black mirror. We are becoming less earth and more air; less touch and more vision. Ethereal. The digital cloud brings us to a quantum rapture. We must die to hold hands again. Phoenix is a death, first. Today we stand between its pillars. The illuminati ceremony of dark to light began on Oct 10 and incorporates the ceremony of Samhain. Through death comes life. The cleansing of government is on the Orange lion’s carpet now. The Aslan of MAGA struck his first pillar and called for death from brimstone. Man has wanted for his own resurrection and a baptism is a kind of drowning. We must die completely to be reborn in intention. I build an ark in my heart. I gather each of you one-by-one. I preserve this vessel like a pharaoh’s crossing. The most precious part of me is my connections. We will see each other behind new eyes on the other side.

Death be not proud as my cat lays herself by the fire. She curled her body into the shape of a question one final time. Her life had been a riddle that was solved now. She would pass when I left the room. She didn’t want me to screw it up. Everything that dies in our arms is a blessing. I am a living Dr Dolittle. Life is sand in my fingers and I lose so much of my skin in the rain. We melt for each other like candles. Time drove by as I waited for the school bus that didn’t see me in the bushes. I am in so much trouble now. I roam the streets looking for a raincoat I was already wearing. I jumped seventeen sharks on a motorcycle and got distracted. Life is an icicle in the gap of my teeth dripping all over my tongue.

Don’t squeeze the handlebars too tight. Ease up on your grip and smile because you’re already dead. You struck ground days ago. Parts of you still don’t know it. You have come to this festival of dying in Red October. You punched the golden ticket just like I did. Embrace your burning ash. Tell every part of you it is happening. Fall completely and so hard that misery forms a crater. Become a mess in the smoking heap. You are smoldering but still conscious. It’s time to let go of this connection. Don’t be afraid. Let go of your face. Close your eyes and die completely. Stop. You will hear the drum beats of rebirth. The antenna of your spine will tune itself to your custom signal. Hear your message from starlight. Their dust is yours now. It squeezed itself into your pores like kicking tadpoles. You are made of supernova. Don’t open your eyes yet. Feel your death. Be dead for a moment longer as you drift across the bridge of resurrection. The city of Asatana is a Brigadoon in the mist.

Expect lots of social media turbulence as Red October plays itself out leading up to Halloween. The New York coven of witches is mounting an attack starting on the 20th and the 26th is the apex of the ritual. Nov 1st (11.1) will show a big national sign of the phoenix rising to continue straight into Nov 11th, the day of Mercury (674). Think about the energy behind all of your activities. Think about a resurrection in every aspect of your life. If something needs to die let it go. Don’t stay and screw it up. Something new will come. Something clean. Fill your ark with what’s important and drown yourself in fire.


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