Fork in the Eye

‘Fork in the Eye’ is a brand new cutting-edge exotic ultra high-definition holographic wireless immersion technology. It offers users an experience that is truly felt by every one of your senses. It is so real you’ll swear you’ve just stuck a fork in your eye. It connects to your home network automatically. If no local network is available it auto-connects to the nearest cell tower. Guaranteed to always be online and ready to go. Each unit comes pre-charged from the factory so you can use it right out of the box.

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove cork dongle from top of fork
  2. Hold by handle (as if it were an actual fork)
  3. Jab into eye


Internal battery never runs out thanks to our lunar charging membrane that looks and feels just like metal! Fork will always have a charge and works in sunlight or in darkness. You can keep it in drawer with your other utensils. But don’t mix them up!

Cork dongle included! Handy attractive cork dongle lets you take ‘Fork in the Eye’ with you anywhere! How about the beach? How about a ‘Fork in the Eye’ at the library? Works on every eye, every time! That’s right, every eye! If you wear glasses you’ll need to remove them before using ‘Fork in the Eye’.

Free 3rd Person Shared Experience Account! With every purchase comes a free streaming account with our servers. This means everyone can watch you use ‘Fork in the Eye’! This new breakthrough in augmented reality allows us to stream your experience 3rd person to everyone within wireless range. That’s fancy talk for, your friends will experience you jabbing a fork into your eye too! It’s all real-time 24-hours a day, ‘Fork in the Eye’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play ‘Fork in the Eye’ in both eyes?

Yes, you sure can. Just jab form into first eye, wait 2 seconds and then jab fork into second eye.

Does it really feel like a fork in the eye?

We’ve been selling ‘Fork in the Eye’ for over ten years and we’ve yet to have a customer claim our product does not feel like an actual fork has been stuck in their eye. We guarantee you a full-on immersive experience with ‘Fork in the Eye!’

Do you offer Customer Support?

Yes, we offer a toll-free 24-hour customer support line. To reach support call us at ‘911’

I’m a developer, how can I integrate ‘Fork in the Eye’ in my next project?

We have a full API that downloads directly into your ‘Fork in the Eye’. The API is a big download so you will need to plug in your ‘Fork in the Eye’ to a wall outlet during download.

Do you offer other products?

Yes, we also offer ‘Knife stab between fingers’ which is a fast-paced family favorite around the dinner table.


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