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I presented some new concepts on natural law at the FUNL conference this Sunday. You can hear the host refer to my work as “eclectic” and “fringe” which is a sign of how many people have never heard of, or even considered, the ideas of American Philosophy. The fact Thoreau, Emerson, and Whitman are fringe in America is proof of why we need Transcendentalism. The American Philosopher doesn’t believe in freedom he believes in nature. He understands “freedom” is a product of government and expecting this kind of output from a machine designed by and for the lowest common denominator will never produce fruit.  Still, I was glad to see them entertain my fringe ideas and applaud them for inviting me. I put forward the idea that slavery was a form of upward mobility because a system under anarchy would require slavery as an option since so many need slavery to survive.

We don’t have laws. We have statements that placate a population into thinking they live under the law. 

I created a new course called The One True Natural Law which explains these principles in more detail.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Under Natural Law Conference

  1. I can’t reconcile the ideas you’re putting forth. I listened to your presentation with an open mind. I will say that you may have made a few good points, and sometimes looking at something from a completely new perspective can allow you understand it on a deeper level. However, I don’t agree with you assessment that a system under anarchy would require slavery. And changing the meaning of Natural Law to suit your stance is just that. Was the evil in this world today perhaps a catalyst to make us fight for this concept of freedom that seems so elusive to us? Perhaps. But could we do without it, and would it be worth it to do the work to find out? Absolutely.

  2. As terms go, Freedom and Under seem like odd bedside companions, given our loyalty to liberty, as the highest form of achievement.

    Freedom Under Natural Law does seem to infer Natural Law Over Freedom.

    Transcendentalism is a great tool to excite the bound and fixed.

    You’ve named three worthy, American-spirited champions as examples.

    Thank you for the link!

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