James and Chad – Part Two

This is part two of my conversation with Chad at Open Your Reality.

5 thoughts on “James and Chad – Part Two

  1. also I can see why so many people disagree with you. I went through all of it too and got pass it all and I see and I feel your views and it feels good hearing someone else say it. thanks for having the balls to do so.

  2. just wanted to add my story on the placebo topic. I had bad asthma, taking shots of pumps everyday and since ive been hearing about how powerful our mind is and everything surrounding these thing I said fuck it and tried not taking any pumps anymore. amazingly its been years now with any pumps. I didnt say or use any affirmations and I didnt pray. when I felt like i was in need of them I just sat there and calmed down and concentrated on my breathing. turns out I think I would just go into panic mode and always told myself I needed it. this all happened during covid and I even still smoke cigarettes lol. my poor mom was so confused and worried but it opened her eyes up a lot of things. so its possible man and I didnt even do much really, well except be on this journey for many year of “truth” and self-discovery and I think really knowing myself and believing in myself helped a lot. I didnt need no god or anyone but me.

  3. In order to get a “straight answer”, one much first ask a “straight question”. These topics are deep and nuanced and due to their very nature are not straightforward.

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