Never Stop

I don’t have a publisher. I don’t have a sponsor. I don’t come from money. I have not won the lottery.

I do what I do because it’s who I am and the struggle is proof. My livestream has been off the air since June because I ran out of fuel. This feels incongruent because I have so much more content to produce and need some help to do it.

I’ve produced 606 free shows, six very unique books, and 300 group talks that really push the boundaries of modern therapy in a positive way. How much more should I make before people get on board?

All last year my budget was only a couple of hundred short of bringing back the live show. It feels like the universe wants other people to choose to water me because I’ve done everything it takes to stay in the pocket and keep cooking.

Yes, my ideas are volatile.

That’s why it’s so hard for someone like me to survive without help. If you think my content is worth investing in please, please, please consider doing it this year. Right now. Give me a few months to build momentum and see what I bring.

Please be a patron. I know I bring value to the world because I have the proof. It’s such a small amount of help and you meet a great community that meets weekly to discuss really cool ideas. So many bonuses when you join my crew but you shouldn’t even need them. Look at my work.

Did it change your posture? Would the world be a better place if you watered me?

Help me make a show before we all run out of time and find ourselves wondering why we didn’t do more while we were here in the world.

Do it now –


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