New Patron Tiers for Aquarius

I have a Patreon goal to become Illuminati confirmed at $3,300 in membership pledges per month so we can continue to produce a product here full time. This goal can be met with as little as 33 enrollments in our new Dojo and MondaySchool programs we are launching this month.

This new altitude is an important threshold because it marks the beginning of the tribe potlatch program where 33% of all Patreon pledges go directly input into the Vitriol Orchestra’s production fund. This fund also creates two staff positions to manage tribe relations and production support. Our Rhode Island 5.5 event was a huge success on so many levels and the orchestra proved themselves capable of delivering a quality event to the public inside a dilating and sustainable team model that centered on human growth. I know several more events are already in the works and we are committed to producing something new for our community every moon.

Please review the six new member tiers on Patreon and all of the perks that come with each level and decide which tier is best for you soon so you don’t miss out on anything next month. I am looking forward to seeing where we end up with these new tiers.

Thank you for supporting James True Live and all that we have been able to do. It’s truly a blast to captain this airship and I look forward to dilating Aquarius with you.

Psst, There’s a brand new patron-only Captain’s Vlog waiting over there for you.

One thought on “New Patron Tiers for Aquarius

  1. This is really great news to see. I have a few questions, is there an option to pay for a certain tier annually? NZ currency is so volatile atm and need to use this as I transition back into the US. Also, I have a US debit card and would like to use this instead, would there be an option for this avenue at some point? Lastly, I pay directly into this site, not thru Patreon…am I missing anything by making it easier on myself by doing this? Thank you for these clarifications and for the hard work behind the scenes to bring us forward. Much appreciated

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